Hey guys, since Christmas is done. I started to decorate my apartment into an all year round decor. Lately I’ve been so obsessed with flowers (Don’t ask me why coz I have no idea, LOL!).

So here are the stuff on my Coffee table.


So basically I have a square ceramic plate that holds a vase with flower on it and my favourite candle .


The crystal vase is from Walmart, I got it for $1. The pink jewels inside i got that from a center piece I won from the Wedding we attended last Summer. I always get excited to see something I created from stuff I got for free or got a deal on it 🙂 Do you guys feel that way too, or is it just me 😉


Next these flowers are from Walmart, there are actually two bunches when I got them but I just combined the two colour so that I have that volume when I put it in a vase. Each bunch cost me around 4$ I think.


Okay for this candle I mentioned this on my last video on my Beauty Channel, If you haven’t seen that yet, just click here, and it will take you to my channel, but this is from Bath and Body Works and this stuff smells sooo soooo good! 🙂


And last but not the least, my black ceramic plate. It’s from Ikea and I got it for 5$. It definitely add some balance on my decor. Also, sometimes I use that to hold my TV and other remotes.

So that’s it for this post. I hope you guys liked it and let me know in the comment below if you want me to do a living room tour 🙂

And if you want to be updated whenever I post here, simply click the follow button on the right hand side of my page and you’ll get notified the next time I post. Alrighty, thank you again for dropping by, I’ll see you next time!

Take care



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