The Perfect Oven Grilled Steak

Okay, So Winter time is so not the perfect time for steak at home especially if  you don’t have backyard….nevertheless NO BBQ Grill :$

But hey I have an easy way to have a yummy steak on a dinner plate. Here’s what you gonna need:

-Of course a piece of steak

-salt and pepper to taste


-chopped up garlic


-Marinate the steak with salt and pepper. Lets make it simple and those simple ingredients will bring the natural yumminess of the steak.

-While doing this, chopped up 2 cloves of garlic and set aside

-So now we are gonna sear the steak over the stove. Heat a pan and spray it with olive oil ( make sure the pan is really hot before putting the steak in). You may have to open up some windows to prevent your smoke alarm to get off! It happens to me and its soo annoying. LOL!

– Sear the steak until its golden brown maybe 30seconds on each sides.

-On the same pan, put in the butter and sauté’ the garlic with it. Use this mixture for your basting later while broiling the steak.

-Turn on your oven into Broil setting.

-Put the steak into a grilling pan( i hope you know what I mean coz I don’t know what they called :$)

You know those wire thing in your toaster oven???( Please anyone tell me what they called).

-Anyways, broil each side for 8 minutes on each sides.

And wolla you’re done!!!

Feel free to check out my Instagram clip for a little peek!

Don’t forget to share this. ENJOY! Til next time!



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