That’s Heart Palette, Lip Products Swatches & Reviews

Hey Friends,

So recently, I uploaded a Haul video, and I tackled some make-up products. I decided to go ahead and do a swatch from the palette and lipsticks I got.
These are the products that I’ll be doing the swatches.

I’ll start with the palette.
These are the swatches of the bronzer, highlighter and the blush. The colours are really pretty. Bronzer is very pigmented, a little amount goes a long way. As well as the blush. It has a sheen finish to it, It’ll almost gives you that baked blush effect. For the highlighter, it looked very pigmented on the swatch but when you apply it to your face it gives you that satin finish.

Next, the eye shadows. The palette has this neutral shades which consists of bronze,browns and matte black. I really like that the black shadow is matte because most of the colour in the palette has shimmer to it already. All I could say about these colours is that they are pigmented and they’re like any other shadows of these colours in the market. Nothing too special about it really.

Lastly from the palette are these pretty colours. I really like the colours that Heart chooses. You could definitely create a lot of make-up looks from these. Again, the colours are pigmented and will pop more if you use some base prior to applying it.
All in all, I will recommend the palette. Was it worth the money? Yes with all the stuff included with it(Mascara, Lip gloss, Liner).

Moving on to he Lippies. Let’s start with BH Cosmetics Lip Gloss.
This is in the color, Galaxy Chic. It has some sparkle thingy in it but when you apply it on your lips you can’t really that much shimmer. I haven’t try applying it on top of a lipsticks but when applied by itself it will give you that really nice colour and shine. It is easy to apply because of the brush applicator. It glides pretty easy and it doesn’t feel sticky as much as other lip gloss, and I like that 🙂
I highly recommend it and would purchase it again.

Next in line are the NYC Lipsticks.
First, Flirty. This pretty fuchsia color, I adore. It applies pretty smoothly. It is very pigmented and just been loving the pop of colour. And for the price of $2.34, you can’t go wrong 🙂

Second color I have here is in Snow Cone. It is a very pale pink shade of lipsticks. It’s almost in a nude shade but not quite yet. I love this one also, and this is perfect on everyday make-up. This might be my new favourite lippies.

I saved the best for last of course. This one is in color, Smooch. And let me tell you, this color is very pigmented and very moisturizing at the same time. When I first apply it, I was so surprise on how pigmented it was. It’s almost matte finish but it is very moisturizing. I just love this specific shade.
Final thoughts about the NYC Lipsticks, I would highly recommend it. Good quality lip products and you get much worth for your money. I would definitely re-purchase these and I’m planning to get few more colours from this collection 🙂

Alrighty, that’s it for this review. I hope this will help you a little bit. And give me your thoughts about this post by commenting down below. And also let me know if you want me to continue posting this type of post.

One more thing, don’t forget to check out my Haul video on my youtube channel which includes these products plus MORE! 🙂

Thank you for dropping by and ’til my next one


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