Essence Light up your face Luminizer Palette Swatches & First Impression

Hello beauty squadlings, I wanna share with you a recent beauty find from the drugstore. Essence cosmetics came out with a Luminizer palette. They also have a new contour and blush palette.

I picked up the luminizer palette specifically because of the shades that comes with it. I purchased it from Shoppers drugmart for $6.99.

Packaging wise, its very compact. I like the labeling and the fact that the container is clear, it’s much easier to see the shades if you store it with the rest of your collection. It didnt come with a mirror nor applicator brush, which i didn’t mind. I just wish it came with a mirror.

It comes with three shades,the first two shades from the right has a lot shimmer than the last one.

Here, I swatched the product using my fingers. I like how the shades look in this swatche.The furthest shades on the right has a more subtle shimmer. When I swatched it, it was chalky and a bit diffucult to apply. It’s my least favorite shade in the palette.

This is how it looks when i apply the product on my hand. Its very subtle and sheer. To achieve this much pigmentation, I had to apply a few times and still it’s very sheer. I haven’t tried applying it on my face though, I’m very curious on how it will look on my cheeks. I will come back to this post and update you guys on how it goes on my face and pigmentation as well.

Overall, based on the swatches i did and the looks of the product on my skin, I’m not very impressed of the product. I am hoping for a bit more pigmentation. i love the shades, I think it’s perfect for everyday use and this will look gorgeous on everybody who has medium to deep skintone. I just wish it wasn’t sheer as it is. 

Would I recommend it? for now NO, not untill I wear it and see how it works on my skin

I will leave you that for now. I hope you guys like this blog and review. Kindly follow my blog for more beauty related post.

Til next time!  🙂


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