Generation Beauty Toronto 2017 Expectation

Hello Squadlings!

Have you heard of Generation Beauty by Ipsy? Well, if you haven’t, it’s a Beauty/Networking event hosted by Ipsy. If you are a beauty Youtube creator, or someone who loves beauty and make up, this event is for you. Also, if you are a brand who wants to connect with customer,you’re in. Fans get to meet their favourite beauty guru on youtube and this event also give  youtube creator that are just starting out or has small fan base to connect with other small creators and network their brand to other influencers.

This year’s Gen Beauty will be on June 24-25, 2017. Tickets are selling from $99-$169. These prices includes admission for both days and a swag bag.

This is the second year of Generation Beauty in Toronto. Last year it was around May. I purchased my ticket and was really excited to go but unfortunately I didn’t ended up going and had to sell my ticket for a much cheaper price because I had to go home to Philippines for some family matters.

I heard a lot of bad reviews from people who attended last year’s Generation Beauty. From long line up at entrance, to not a lot of brands at the event, to no Michelle Phan and a lot more.

For today’s post, I wanna make a list of my expectation of this year’s Generation Beauty. I will be going this year (hopefully nothing comes up). I will be meeting with some friends I met this past years that I have been on Youtube and Instagram.

First on my List, I hope there will be brands that I don’t usually get here in Canada. I wanna see new products from Wet n Wild, because I cannot find any in any store by where I live. I am looking forward to see products from Nudestix. I am following them on Insta and I want some of their products.

Second on my list would be meeting Christine Dominique. It would so awesome if I get to take photo with her. I have been a subscriber of her since she was just starting up on Youtube. She is on the list of Beauty Guru that are attending. I am so excited…like super excited. I would also love to meet Desi Perkins and  Katy but I don’t think they’re coming

Last on my list, I hope the swag bag will contain some great regular size products and not just sample sizes and billions of face mask. The tickets are not cheap so I hope they will give attendees some great beauty products.

I will for sure post my experience surely after the event and tell you how everything went. And we will see if this year’s Gen Beauty meet my expectation 🙂 Let me know if any of you are coming to Gen Beauty this year. If you are, send me a reply or message me, maybe we can set up a meet up at the event. It should be fun!

I’ll end this blog here. Til next time! Tada! 🙂



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