Sade Baron Handmade Soap

Hey guys, it’s been a while huh? Life has been so busy these past few months and this year is going by so fast.

Anyway’s, today I wanna share with you some products that I’m sure you are gonna love. A company called Sade Baron, reach out to me and sent me products to try. They are based in Toronto which is amazing, I love supporting local businesses. Their products are 100% vegan, hand made and all natural.

The fact that they are handmade and still are fairly priced are amazing to me. Product that has natural ingredients and claim to be handmade are mostly high priced and almost unreasonably pricey for the quality you’ll get. Sade Baron products are very affordable and the sizes it comes with are great. I got my package just in time for my anniversary weekend getaway.

Cheers to 5 years of Marriage!

Been 5 years since I took a leap of faith with this amazing guy. It has been crazy amazing 5years of my life.

Fireworks on our Anniversary, how awesome is that? 

Sade Baron sent me 3 different product to try.

1. Sade Baron Castile Soap

You can use this for both face and body which is great especially if you’re traveling. It smells very fresh and it doesn’t leave your skin dry and tight. I have noticed that my skin looked radiant and bright after a couple of uses. I loved it and my husband liked it as well which is a plus.

2. Sade Baron Body Souffle in Lemon Grass and Sweet Orange

Let me just tell you, this cream will melt on your skin when you apply it. Its very light and airy. It won’t give you that sticky feeling which I think is great especially in the summer. I used to use Cetaphil cream in the winter and this is a great switch for me since my prior cream was a bit thick and sticky. This body souffle is definitely a must try. I highly highly recommend it. it smells amazing as well and with the amount of product you will get, you won’t spend a lot of money for it..very affordable.

I like to use it after Castile soap, and it will leave your skin soft and hydrated.

3. Sade Baron Coffee Soap.

Before even using this product, I know that I will like it. Coffee has proven to have good skin benefits. It detoxify your skin as well as tighten your skin and lessen the appearance of any cellulites. 

I used this soap for a good 2 weeks now and I love it. It exfoliate my skin really well. 

Overall, these product are great! Affordable and very beneficial to your skin. It leaves your skin very smoth and I will definitely re purchase these product.

Yay! that’s all for today. I hope you guys are having an amazing day.

Disclaimer: Products mentioned was sent to me to try and review, All  honest opinion are based on my personal experience. 


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