Sade Baron Handmade Soap

Hey guys, it’s been a while huh? Life has been so busy these past few months and this year is going by so fast.

Anyway’s, today I wanna share with you some products that I’m sure you are gonna love. A company called Sade Baron, reach out to me and sent me products to try. They are based in Toronto which is amazing, I love supporting local businesses. Their products are 100% vegan, hand made and all natural.

The fact that they are handmade and still are fairly priced are amazing to me. Product that has natural ingredients and claim to be handmade are mostly high priced and almost unreasonably pricey for the quality you’ll get. Sade Baron products are very affordable and the sizes it comes with are great. I got my package just in time for my anniversary weekend getaway.

Cheers to 5 years of Marriage!

Been 5 years since I took a leap of faith with this amazing guy. It has been crazy amazing 5years of my life.

Fireworks on our Anniversary, how awesome is that? 

Sade Baron sent me 3 different product to try.

1. Sade Baron Castile Soap

You can use this for both face and body which is great especially if you’re traveling. It smells very fresh and it doesn’t leave your skin dry and tight. I have noticed that my skin looked radiant and bright after a couple of uses. I loved it and my husband liked it as well which is a plus.

2. Sade Baron Body Souffle in Lemon Grass and Sweet Orange

Let me just tell you, this cream will melt on your skin when you apply it. Its very light and airy. It won’t give you that sticky feeling which I think is great especially in the summer. I used to use Cetaphil cream in the winter and this is a great switch for me since my prior cream was a bit thick and sticky. This body souffle is definitely a must try. I highly highly recommend it. it smells amazing as well and with the amount of product you will get, you won’t spend a lot of money for it..very affordable.

I like to use it after Castile soap, and it will leave your skin soft and hydrated.

3. Sade Baron Coffee Soap.

Before even using this product, I know that I will like it. Coffee has proven to have good skin benefits. It detoxify your skin as well as tighten your skin and lessen the appearance of any cellulites. 

I used this soap for a good 2 weeks now and I love it. It exfoliate my skin really well. 

Overall, these product are great! Affordable and very beneficial to your skin. It leaves your skin very smoth and I will definitely re purchase these product.

Yay! that’s all for today. I hope you guys are having an amazing day.

Disclaimer: Products mentioned was sent to me to try and review, All  honest opinion are based on my personal experience. 


Essence Light up your face Luminizer Palette Swatches & First Impression

Hello beauty squadlings, I wanna share with you a recent beauty find from the drugstore. Essence cosmetics came out with a Luminizer palette. They also have a new contour and blush palette.

I picked up the luminizer palette specifically because of the shades that comes with it. I purchased it from Shoppers drugmart for $6.99.

Packaging wise, its very compact. I like the labeling and the fact that the container is clear, it’s much easier to see the shades if you store it with the rest of your collection. It didnt come with a mirror nor applicator brush, which i didn’t mind. I just wish it came with a mirror.

It comes with three shades,the first two shades from the right has a lot shimmer than the last one.

Here, I swatched the product using my fingers. I like how the shades look in this swatche.The furthest shades on the right has a more subtle shimmer. When I swatched it, it was chalky and a bit diffucult to apply. It’s my least favorite shade in the palette.

This is how it looks when i apply the product on my hand. Its very subtle and sheer. To achieve this much pigmentation, I had to apply a few times and still it’s very sheer. I haven’t tried applying it on my face though, I’m very curious on how it will look on my cheeks. I will come back to this post and update you guys on how it goes on my face and pigmentation as well.

Overall, based on the swatches i did and the looks of the product on my skin, I’m not very impressed of the product. I am hoping for a bit more pigmentation. i love the shades, I think it’s perfect for everyday use and this will look gorgeous on everybody who has medium to deep skintone. I just wish it wasn’t sheer as it is. 

Would I recommend it? for now NO, not untill I wear it and see how it works on my skin

I will leave you that for now. I hope you guys like this blog and review. Kindly follow my blog for more beauty related post.

Til next time!  🙂

Beauty Product Mini Haul

I have been seeing a lot of WetnWild new products and I wanna try them so bad. I have been to so many stores aside from Walmart which I think the only hope I have bacause all of the stores I checked don’t have wetnwild counter.

Anyhow, with every trip I make I always ended up purchasing something, things that I also need but not neccessarily my priority.

First, L’oreal brow stylist. It cost me $8.99.It was on sale when I got it. I can’t really compare this to any other pomade product because I dont use pomade on my brows that often. I got it in the shade deep brunette.It comes with a double ended brush as you can see. A spooly and an angle brush. I like the product especially the shade. It’s not full out black it’s more of dark grey which I love. If you’re brunette this is the best shade for you. Application is great, the pigmentation is just right for a brow product. But you can definitely build it up. It’s easy to apply and its not clumpy.Over all for the price I pay, I can’t complain, it does the job and I like how it looks after filling in my brows.

Second out the bag is Quo Age Excellence Foundation in the shade 006. I dont know what that digit means but that’s the only reference written on the bottle. I picked this up mainly because of the price. I got it from the clearance shelf for $6.99 😱 I got really super excited because the packaging and the looks of it looks expensive. But it didnt work for me. It settled on my fine lines and made my face flacky as flacky biscuit 🤓.

These goodies, I just picked up today. I haven’t use them yet. But I was so thrilled to find Milani Conceal+Perfect Foundation at Rexall today yay! I will for sure do a review on this foundation on my youtube channel to see how the foundation wear and coverage wise as well. I can’t wait to try the Cetaphil cleansing bar though.I’ve never seen this before, I don’t know if it is a new product.

I also picked up NYC loose translucent powder, St. Ives apricot scrub, I used to love this product, I can’t wait to use this again. Last item is the Elf blending sponge. I’m also excited to try this thing out and see if its any good.

Alright, that is all for this blog. I hope you all like this mini haul. Til next time. 



I am so excited to start blogging again 🙂 For today’s blog, it’s about L’Oreal Hydra Total 5 Skin care Line. First off I wanna say, I received this products through Influenster for testing purposes. You can receive full size product too, just click here and register and start receiving free products 🙂 yes that easy!

Moving on to the review. The “Ritual”  I received is called Ultra-Even. There are a total of three different Ritual you can try and they  are catered to your skin type. The others are Ultra Fresh and Ultra Soothing Rituals. I love how they call it skin care “rituals”. You might wanna see how I unbox the whole package in a video. Head on to my youtube channel to watch it.

There are four step in Ultra-Even Ritual

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.43.54 PM









Step 1: Ultra Even Scrub. Retail Price $8.47 It’s both a scrub and a cleanser in one. It claims to Smoothen, illuminate and even out your skin tone. I will use this product for a good week or two then we’ll see about the claims.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.45.02 PM

The texture of the product is just perfect for everyday use even though it says on the package to use once a day, you could totally get away with using this morning and night based on the scrubs that comes with it. I use this everyday at night time and so far so good. I like it, my skin didn’t react from it badly so we’ll see.


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.45.32 PM

Step 2: Ultra Even Toner.  Retail price $8.47 Yup it’s a toner which claims to smoothen , illuminate and even out your skin tone.

I personally not a fan of toner, not because i don’t wanna use it but because every toner I use so far stings my face when applying it. Including this one. I was hoping that it would be different from other brands I tried but no. The claims that it illuminate your skin, in all honesty, it does. That was the first thing that caught my attention. It almost makes my face looks dewy which is amazing. I love that about it but other than that, not a big fan.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.46.02 PM

Step 3: Ultra Even Lotion. Retail price $12 This has SPF 20 which is great. It claims to protect, moisturizes, evens out, smoothes and illuminate your skin. It come in a pump bottle which is awesome.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.46.41 PM

This product is great to use in the morning because of the SPF. It is moisturizing but not as good as my previous cream. I have to put a lot before I can say it’s very moisturizing. I cannot say anything else about all other claims because I am just now starting to use this regularly so we’ll see on my in depth review after a couple of weeks.

Step 4: Ultra Even Moisturizer. Retail Price $12. Again it claims to Illuminate, smoothes, and moisturize your skin. You can use this either morning or night.

Hmm..First impression on this cream? not so great. It’s a bit sticky which I hate when it comes to face cream. And when I applied it and blend it, there’s still residue on my skin and you can see it. It’s almost like a white patches all over my face. I didn’t like it at all and I am not looking forward to using this cream everyday for two weeks. yes! That’s how much I don’t like it. but we’ll see what it can do to my skin after two weeks.

Alrighty! That is all for this review. I hope it’s helpful for you. Don’t forget to leave me a comment down below. Let me know what post do you wanna see next! Thanks for visiting, til my next blog! 🙂


That’s Heart Palette, Lip Products Swatches & Reviews

Hey Friends,

So recently, I uploaded a Haul video, and I tackled some make-up products. I decided to go ahead and do a swatch from the palette and lipsticks I got.
These are the products that I’ll be doing the swatches.

I’ll start with the palette.
These are the swatches of the bronzer, highlighter and the blush. The colours are really pretty. Bronzer is very pigmented, a little amount goes a long way. As well as the blush. It has a sheen finish to it, It’ll almost gives you that baked blush effect. For the highlighter, it looked very pigmented on the swatch but when you apply it to your face it gives you that satin finish.

Next, the eye shadows. The palette has this neutral shades which consists of bronze,browns and matte black. I really like that the black shadow is matte because most of the colour in the palette has shimmer to it already. All I could say about these colours is that they are pigmented and they’re like any other shadows of these colours in the market. Nothing too special about it really.

Lastly from the palette are these pretty colours. I really like the colours that Heart chooses. You could definitely create a lot of make-up looks from these. Again, the colours are pigmented and will pop more if you use some base prior to applying it.
All in all, I will recommend the palette. Was it worth the money? Yes with all the stuff included with it(Mascara, Lip gloss, Liner).

Moving on to he Lippies. Let’s start with BH Cosmetics Lip Gloss.
This is in the color, Galaxy Chic. It has some sparkle thingy in it but when you apply it on your lips you can’t really that much shimmer. I haven’t try applying it on top of a lipsticks but when applied by itself it will give you that really nice colour and shine. It is easy to apply because of the brush applicator. It glides pretty easy and it doesn’t feel sticky as much as other lip gloss, and I like that 🙂
I highly recommend it and would purchase it again.

Next in line are the NYC Lipsticks.
First, Flirty. This pretty fuchsia color, I adore. It applies pretty smoothly. It is very pigmented and just been loving the pop of colour. And for the price of $2.34, you can’t go wrong 🙂

Second color I have here is in Snow Cone. It is a very pale pink shade of lipsticks. It’s almost in a nude shade but not quite yet. I love this one also, and this is perfect on everyday make-up. This might be my new favourite lippies.

I saved the best for last of course. This one is in color, Smooch. And let me tell you, this color is very pigmented and very moisturizing at the same time. When I first apply it, I was so surprise on how pigmented it was. It’s almost matte finish but it is very moisturizing. I just love this specific shade.
Final thoughts about the NYC Lipsticks, I would highly recommend it. Good quality lip products and you get much worth for your money. I would definitely re-purchase these and I’m planning to get few more colours from this collection 🙂

Alrighty, that’s it for this review. I hope this will help you a little bit. And give me your thoughts about this post by commenting down below. And also let me know if you want me to continue posting this type of post.

One more thing, don’t forget to check out my Haul video on my youtube channel which includes these products plus MORE! 🙂

Thank you for dropping by and ’til my next one